Catios and Chevys

A fine example of corporate BrandSpeak gone awry, ‘Saving Chevrolet Means Sending ‘Chevy’ to Dump: ‘…one way to present a consistent brand message, the [G.M.] memo suggested, is to stop saying “Chevy,” though the word is one of the world’s best-known, longest-lived product nicknames…. “We’d ask that whether you’re talking to a dealer, reviewing dealer advertising, or speaking with friends and family, that you communicate our brand as Chevrolet moving forward.”’


Save the Maginot Line, a photographic project by Alexandre Guirkinger. More about the Maginot Line, the fatally flawed line of defensive bunkers / Laura Barnard’s art and photographs, especially / 25,000 barrels falling out of the sky / Somewhere, a dog barked. But why? / Crystal Cubes, Tetris for the bling obsessed / Conjuring Arts, a magic site / Sarra, a tumblr / ‘Catios’ Bring Cats Outdoors.

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