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Alphabet street

Random things / musical installations by Trond Perry / How do I stop seeing my books as trophies? / CV hell, 30 of the ‘best’ / old but interesting: writers’ rules for writing / music from Natalie Bouloudis & The … Continue reading

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A year in review

How machine learning and “computer vision” will transform our cities / Micro campers from Japan / intricate drawings by Nicolas V. Sanchez (via tmn) / Alvaro Siza on Living in a House, at Reading Design / photography by Gerco de … Continue reading

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Things to start the year with

No reviews of the year here. Just some links / medieval forensics and more at Sarah Woodbury’s blog / photography by Thorsten Klapsch / The Lives They Lived, personal spaces (tidied and cleaned) photographed shortly after death / staying with … Continue reading

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Links for the week ahead

London Ends, the edges of the city in photographs by Philipp Ebeling / we want to believe, part 396: a lush, vegetation-filled jungle city might actually be a thing. More investigations into the media image of the unbuilt at Failed … Continue reading

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Learning zones

Classrooms around the world, photographed by Julian Germain. See also James Mollion’s series on Playgrounds around the world / a collection of rare early city maps / the Hyperloop is all hype / who needs hyperloops when Fiat 127s can … Continue reading

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Paintings, real and imagined

Art and forgery: Peter Doig is accused of painting something he said he didn’t (via MeFi), while Lee Ufan says a series of known fakes are actually his / on the evolution of Chuck Close / Finally, the public art … Continue reading

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Technology won’t necessarily save us

The economics of metafilter. Our traffic fell of a cliff in February 2013 and never recovered. Weird / inside the Apple Mac / Death by GPS, when technology leads you astray / a modern house in Rye / kickstart a … Continue reading

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The Far Reaches of Space

Exploring the solar system in Wanderers, a short film by digital artist Erik Wernquist / The Scribbler, a weblog / Photos from the Bank of England’s vaults, taken from the Bank’s Museum. The images of the demolition of the Soane … Continue reading

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The animals are winding me up

The Dream Life of Driverless Cars, Geoff Manaugh on the ‘mad machine hallucinations’ created by LIDAR splashing across the changing cityscapes, and what this might mean for how we perceive and shape a new machine-centric urbanism. Very much related: Toyota … Continue reading

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The point of no going back

More on big data: ‘To prod employees, Amazon has a powerful lever: more data than any retail operation in history. Its perpetual flow of real-time, ultradetailed metrics allows the company to measure nearly everything its customers do: what they put … Continue reading

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Biff! Bang! Pow!

Unseen film starring Adam West surfaces on YouTube (via Reddit) / Zhou Hang collates visual essays on notable buildings and more, such as these images from the current Ravilious show at Dulwich Picture Gallery. More on the show at Books … Continue reading

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Big city, bright lights

248 perfect trades. How $1000 could have sent the world’s economy into a spin (via Kottke) / Kim Laughton creates visions of Grand Theft Auto without textures (via RPS) / staying with graphics: Seascape, a browser based realtime wave simulator. … Continue reading

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As above

Ordinary Streets, exploring the independent retail culture of South London (via the Guardian) / when plagiarism isn’t plagiarism: the iceberg that was photographed twice / Co-Zine, a website / we smell sausage: the instrument collection of Mark Mothersbaugh / a … Continue reading

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Looty the Peke

Dog breeding, torture, revenge, destruction and Jackie Chan: the destruction of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, and how a country’s cultural heritage was scattered to collections, officers’ messes and country houses.

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Behind the scenes at Christmas

Xmas Unwrapped, a short extract from a new film by photographer Toby Smith and the Unknown Fields Division.

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It’ll all blow over

WindyTy offers an instantly understandable image of the world’s weather systems, swirling around the edges of continents (via Engadget) / also intriguing, the world of the London Sound Survey and the lost world of British Tape Recording Clubs. See below.

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Deep Impact

Deep Impact: Martian, Lunar and Other Rare Meteorites, a forthcoming sale at Christie’s. Own a litte bit of somewhere else: The formal name for this meteorite is NWA 5000 and it refers to the single, roughly cubic-shaped lunar meteorite weighing … Continue reading

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Drifting a bit

Dan Hicks has an ‘occasional blog’ about interesting things like archaeology, museums and material culture / the Walker Art Center has a great cache of blogs / what’s your best nursing ghost story? / Razor Crazy Cart XL. 3m09s for … Continue reading

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Looking back

At some point yesterday, our WordPress stats counter clicked around the magic one million mark. Things has been on WordPress since Spring 2010, some nine years after we followed the weblog herd to Blogger and started posting. Amazing how muddy … Continue reading

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Shapes of things to come

Signs of the apocalypse: Heathers: The Musical / Could IBM’s Watson answer the automated response problem for brand communications on social media? Or in other words, can supercomputers tweet for you? Brain the size of a planet, and all that … Continue reading

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