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Ego surfing and coffee table publishing

So how long before all contemporary coffee table books are iPad-enabled? From an outsider’s perspective, the iPad looks at its best when it’s providing a bit of depth beneath the still image, a way of peeling back layers, zooming in, … Continue reading

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How to build a library

At times, walking the narrow bookstacks of a venerable library, inhaling the aroma of millions of pages of accumulated information, seeing the foxed and faded but still intellectually valid, it it hard to imagine how such a gravity of knowledge … Continue reading

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Highways, byways, backstreets, canals and beneath the waves

The triumph of ephemera. The Situationist thrill of discovery was forever thwarted by the Modernist desire for order and simplicity; one effectively cancelled out the other in the crisply bland corners of the brave new cities (‘We leave to monsieur … Continue reading

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Contents of content

La Periferia Domestica, art and design with a domestic slant / How to build the ultimate home studio. Related, how to build up a track using a sequencer / the GAZ Start Ctapt, a Volga M21 based fibreglass people mover. … Continue reading

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Starting afresh

A little bit of history. Back when things started to mess around with the idea of a regular weblog, a medium we’d seen and much admired, Blogger seemed to be the natural choice. Before that we ran something called the … Continue reading

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