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Musique pour Supermarché

Jean Michel Jarre’s Music for Supermarkets is a fabled lost album, deliberately created to exist as an edition of one, with all master tapes destroyed. On July 6th 1983 it was played in its entirety on Radio Luxembourg, a hissy … Continue reading

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Fire in the hold

Aargh. Apologies for the (enforced) downtime. We’re learning about all sorts of new things, like DDoS attacks and htaccess files. Please don’t stop visiting.

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From around the web

Tech things. Smartphones versus DSLRs versus film: A look at how far we’ve come. Can a modern cameraphone outperform a DSLR? Even a very old DSLR? / Google’s Project Tango, a sensor-stuffed phone that makes ‘over a quarter million 3D … Continue reading

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Space for the 1%

“Welcome to the world’s largest ever gathering of future astronauts”: Jon Ronson is ready for blast-off. Is Richard Branson? The idea of space as a playground for the rich is a rather dispiriting one, and Ronson softly skewers the self-importance … Continue reading

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Raiding the 20th Century

Close encounters with the Third Reich, a 1978 essay arguing that the ‘theme, structure, and symbolism [of Close Encounters of the Third Kind] strongly echo those of the films of pre-fascist and Nazi Germany’. A fascinating artefact from the dawn … Continue reading

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Boldly going into the back bedroom

Make your own space. Following on from the space simulator built into a caravan, we trawled around to find this list of ‘five homemade flight simulators‘. Alternatively, if you have a spare £3.25m you could buy this South London mansion, … Continue reading

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Tune out the past, and just say yes

Coming to an office near you: ‘One recent study by academics at Oxford University suggests that 47% of today’s jobs could be automated in the next two decades.’ / wish we’d thought of this: Craigslist Mirrors (via, and also picked … Continue reading

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Surviving The Biz

Jon Ronson’s memoirs of a former life as Frank Sidebottom’s keyboard player, and the genuine maverick that was Sidebottom himself, are most enjoyable. Sidebottom – Chris Sievey – was also an early computer programmer. His game The Biz, is a … Continue reading

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Smoking lounges in the sky

The Z. Taylor Vinson Transportation Collection / sort of related, inside the Hindenburg. A fine ride, by any standards. The comments are particularly interesting. Above image is of the passenger lounge. See also the details of the pressurised Smoking Room … Continue reading

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Cycles in space

SSTL – Surrey Satellite Technology – is what one might describe as a ’boutique’ satellite builder, specialising in compact, low-cost multi-application satellites that can do everything from communications to scientific observation. SSTL launched the STRaND-1, a ‘satellite smartphone’, earlier this … Continue reading

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