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Death and destruction

Mistakes we made along the way: thoughtwax on the slow death of blogging, channeling Jared Diamond. ‘I feel sorry for blogging. How could something so great just wither on the vine? There are vast prairies of abandoned blogs now. Without … Continue reading

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Down below

If only there existed a survey drawing of the Mole Man tunnels of Hackney. William Lyttle died in 2010 and his house is finally for sale, although it’s in a pretty parlous condition. One of London’s great modern myths, the … Continue reading

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The ongoing allure of the old

Our God is Speed picks up on our recent post on internet-induced nostalgia and the pervasive “fetish of the failed, forgotten and the marginal”, and how it might be informed by “a deeper sociological narrative, springing from a sense of … Continue reading

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How to design a time machine, a speculative fiction

Time travel is theoretically impossible (via this spirited MeFi discussion). But forget physics for a moment, or known physics at least, and suppose that time machines already exist. We just don’t know where they are. If one is still predisposed … Continue reading

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Triumph of the Visual

Elsewhere as a generator for here. ‘The Unknown Fields Division is a nomadic studio that will throw open the doors of the AA and set off on an annual expedition to the ends of the earth exploring unreal and forgotten … Continue reading

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Empty spaces

Photo essay: The Edge of Light: Wendover, exploring ‘the interstitial, unoccupied spaces at the edges of the interstate, among the ruins of the military base, and between the nightlife zones and the casino workers’ tract housing. We set out to … Continue reading

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You are walking down a long tunnel

Medium Religion, an exhibition on the relationship between media, scripture, repetition and indoctrination. The show included an image of the Lenin Mausoleum, an object stranded between abstraction and monumentalism and perhaps the first, failed, cryogenic suspension pod. The flawed blend … Continue reading

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The dead shall walk among us

Cyberspace when you’re dead (via me-fi). From the article: ‘One estimate pegs the number of U.S. Facebook users who die annually at something like 375,000.’ And from death and digital legacy, ‘Facebook says 200,000 of its members die every year.’ … Continue reading

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Lost villages

Why are there so many abandoned villages in the UK? Inspired by this call for imagery of lost settlements in connection with the forthcoming Times Atlas of Britain. A new print atlas is a hard sell in the age of … Continue reading

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False landscapes and real memories

Dead lakes and seas have become romantic landscapes of the mind. By this we mean that imagery of these blasted environments are regularly served up as both parables and delights, a warning of impending disaster and a guilty thrill for … Continue reading

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Runways old and new

Human landscapes in SW Florida, especially Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport, ‘originally planned as the Everglades Jetport, and construction started in 1968 on what was to be the world’s largest airport with six runways to support supersonic transport. Being surrounded … Continue reading

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Three Books

When we began this post it was called ‘three new books’. Unhappily, ambition trumped reality and available time and it has been pushed down and down and down the queue, quietly transferred into a new blogging system and thence pushed … Continue reading

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Folding cities, spinning things

A few thoughts on Inception, several weeks after the rest of the world. James Benedict Brown’s review in Building Design nailed the aesthetic incongruity of how a group of architects with absolute free will (and no clients, budget issues or … Continue reading

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Beneath the streets

A swift post to flag up this epic article on underground Paris, The Lizard, the Catacombs, and the Clock: The Story of Paris’s Most Secret Underground Society’, an article by Sean Michaels at Brick Magazine. However, the people responsible for … Continue reading

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Hidden Loci and Technological Change

Why preserve Van Gogh’s palette? On colour theory and intuition in art: ‘Monet aimed to be as familiar with the colours on his palette as a pianist with the keys of piano, so he didn’t have to remove his eyes … Continue reading

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Ghost Cities

Magnezium, photographs by Kuba Ryniewicz of Steetley Magnesite in Hartlepool. Described by the photographer as ‘the best post-human zone I visited so far in the UK,’ this well-recognised photographic location is also a favourite of urban explorers (in the top … Continue reading

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