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Chocks away

The UK’s lost, abandoned and obscure control towers / aerial views of UK Active & Disused Airports, Airfields, Heliports & Landing Sites / related, ghostly images of abandoned wartime airbases / Bunkertours, no longer updated but hunkering down for eternity … Continue reading

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Printed pause

Yet another shape for future magazines, House takes the meat of House & Garden magazine and splices it with a Pinterest-y scroll of nugget-sized article. Against the increasingly homogenised view of publishing that is emerging from this model, lovingly curated … Continue reading

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Monuments to a ruined age

The Japanese island of Hashima regularly crops up in online discussions of the ruins of the industrial age. A rocky island, ‘populated from 1887 to 1974 as a coal mining facility,’ it’s featured regularly in documentaries and photographic essays, the … Continue reading

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The Secret Garden

The tale of a secret theatre in Berlin, discovered by one Dirk Moritz of the Moritz Gruppe and posted at Design Porteur. From the site: ‘An old cabaret theatre from the roaring ’20s has been uncovered in the heart of … Continue reading

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Making our way through landscapes, digital and otherwise

We cited artist Mary Flanagan a while ago. Flanagan’s Borders project, ‘video documentation of a series of walks, conducted virtually in popular, shared online multi-user worlds. The rendered landscape is beautiful and hypnotic and we are transported directly into [Henry … Continue reading

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Up in the air, down on the ground

Luc Grateau makes miniature portraits on subway tickets / Peter Menzel’s Material World project invites the subjects to be photographed with their possessions (buy the book) / Budgies in Space, sending knitted toys into the upper atmosphere for charity / … Continue reading

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Ghost towns and space ships

Ordos: The biggest ghost town in China. A swift transition from flagship real estate project and design utopia, we’ve touched upon Ordos in recent posts, most notably over Ai Weiwei’s documentary about Ordos 100, the city’s stalled super-community of European … Continue reading

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The City of Samba, a remarkable tilt-shifted film. See also Fuck Yeah Aerial Photography / paintings by Emil Robinson / Open the Tower, Lego deployed as an architectural sketchbook / a blog from William Wegman / Sannah Kvist has taken … Continue reading

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Tracking the decline

We are living in a trackable world. As well as the fascinating Flightrader24 site there’s also, which parcels up the world into chunks of maritime movement. There may be more, but our favourite piece of realtime cartography is this … Continue reading

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Woods and patination

We’ve commented before on the relative paucity of pre-aged consumer electronics, in comparison to industries like guitar manufacturer, where patina is treated as a highly prized extension of craftsmanship (a post expanded upon at a456). As well as ‘artist-endorsed’ models … Continue reading

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