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Then, now and tomorrow

A thoroughly depressing gallery of pictures: Syrian heritage in ruins: before and after. Related, Dresden, before and after; Third Reich Berlin, then and now; WWII Coventry, then and now; San Francisco: Before and After the 1906 Earthquake and Fire; London’s … Continue reading

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‘The Mexican immigrant worker in New York is a perfect example of the hero who has gone unnoticed… The Mexican economy has quietly become dependent on the money sent from workers in the US.’ From Superheroes, a photographic series by … Continue reading

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Marching into the mist

A treasure trove of original Airstream information, specification and advertising (see also Tom Bentley’s Airstream story from many moons ago) / Cold War Troglodytism: ‘Henderson originally built a tunnel connecting to the building next door where he worked, but that … Continue reading

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Atoms and Poodles

The end times draw nearer, thanks to Ren Netherland’s images of American extreme dog grooming. Freestyle dog grooming, perhaps / Michael Danner’s Critical Mass explores Nuclear Power in Germany from 2008-2011, a photographic exhibition that also spawned a print exhibition, … Continue reading

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New English Landscape

The New English Landscape is a new blog from writer Ken Worpole and photographer Jason Orton. Together, the pair have been traipsing around the fringes of what we define as rural Britain, chronicling the shifting status of landscape, beauty, the … Continue reading

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High and mighty

Part of our ongoing and occasional series exploring Cold War oddities and instantly outdated pieces of military equipment: the McDonnell XF-85 Goblin, a ‘parasite fighter‘ designed to work in conjunction with the Convair Peacemaker / prints by Jantze Tullet / … Continue reading

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A Natural Order

‘A Natural Order‘ is a photographic series by Lucas Foglia: ‘From 2006 through 2010, I traveled throughout the southeastern United States befriending, photographing, and interviewing a network of people who left cities and suburbs to live off the grid. Motivated … Continue reading

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