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Printed pause

Yet another shape for future magazines, House takes the meat of House & Garden magazine and splices it with a Pinterest-y scroll of nugget-sized article. Against the increasingly homogenised view of publishing that is emerging from this model, lovingly curated … Continue reading

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Monuments to a ruined age

The Japanese island of Hashima regularly crops up in online discussions of the ruins of the industrial age. A rocky island, ‘populated from 1887 to 1974 as a coal mining facility,’ it’s featured regularly in documentaries and photographic essays, the … Continue reading

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Pretty Things Organized Neatly

If we were twittering types, we’d disseminate this one far and wide: the Playmobil Furnished Shopping Mall, presented in its current catalogue as ‘a girl’s dream brought to life in the Modern Shopping Centre’. Ah, someone else has done exactly … Continue reading

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Boldly going into the back bedroom

Make your own space. Following on from the space simulator built into a caravan, we trawled around to find this list of ‘five homemade flight simulators‘. Alternatively, if you have a spare £3.25m you could buy this South London mansion, … Continue reading

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Tune out the past, and just say yes

Coming to an office near you: ‘One recent study by academics at Oxford University suggests that 47% of today’s jobs could be automated in the next two decades.’ / wish we’d thought of this: Craigslist Mirrors (via, and also picked … Continue reading

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Experimental jetsetting with no stars

Experimental Travel is the art of travelling in new ways, including such sub-genres as Aerotourism (‘in which a tourist visits the local airport and explores it without going anywhere’) and Erotourism (‘in which a couple travels separately to the same … Continue reading

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Blinking in the light

Twenty years seems to be a trigger point for all sorts of nostalgia, a drag net through the past that scrapes at the lingering memories of pop culture and then hauls them, kicking and screaming, into the light of the … Continue reading

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Warming the soul

We haven’t really had enough time to digest the existence of the Southampton Nostalgia Scale, via this post on the Benefits of Nostalgia, linking to a recent NYT piece that explores what nostalgia is good for. From the article: ‘Nostalgia … Continue reading

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Round and round

Another made-for-web piece of analogue fetishism, Kai Schaefer’s series ‘World Records‘, which brings together classic vinyl and classic turntables / as nostalgic vessels go, this is perhaps less involved and drawn out than creating an entire imaginary soundtrack that purports … Continue reading

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Cabinets, cases, collecting and display

And so we find ourselves on the edge of the year, without all that much inclination to look back (that’s a job that others can do with so much more depth and expertise). Things magazine feels increasingly marginal, hovering on … Continue reading

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