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Since you’ve been all mapped out

Superb Popbitch article about the influence and importance of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ 2003 song ‘Maps‘, tracing it through its sampled life with both the Black Eyed Peas and Beyoncé, as well as the track’s inspiration for a peerless and … Continue reading

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Throwing itself under the [Micro]bus

The psychology of the VW emissions scandal laid bare (via MeFi), a decade-long deception that stems, in part, from VW’s stubborn desire to give the US market what it thought it needed as opposed to what it so clearly wanted … Continue reading

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Piles of things moved from there to here

Ongoing link dump, apologies for random stream of thought. Brutalist Websites, or rugged style that transcends fashion. See also anything built in Indexhibit (via MeFi) / the life of designer Alan Bartram / visual musings on the Apple Car / … Continue reading

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Getting high, or not

How Zano Raised Millions on Kickstarter and Left Most Backers with Nothing [link now fixed, apologies] / preview the acts at the Lewes Psych Festival: Zofff; Novella; Soft Walls; Wax Machine; The Cult of Dom Keller; Virginia Wing / more … Continue reading

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I love you, you pay my rent

The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift, a radical youth movement in early twentieth century Britain / Communication in the presence of Noise, art by Sean Paul / the London that might have been / Why don’t people see the Yeti … Continue reading

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Fukushima, a photographic and text essay by Arkadiusz Podniesinski / abandoned Russia by Ralph Mirebs / illustrations by Guillaume Kurkdjian / maps by Stephen Walter / is this the end of Bugatti? VW looks to cut costs / the blackest … Continue reading

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Shapes and sounds

Odd things. Ions in the Ether, a tumblr / 91 shot table tennis rally / another iconic Japanese hotel prepares for demolition. More from Monocle / Twitter is terrible pt723: Judy Murray vs Yoko Ono / Follow the Brown Signs, … Continue reading

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Streets of London

Random things today / art direction by Hugo Moreno / pop-up floppy / Embarrassing Treasures, a delightful repository of old advice manuals, TV guides, theme park literature and other outdated literature / the modern equivalent, perhaps: the Autocomplete Archive / … Continue reading

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A hole in the head

The BMW Observer Coupe, a collaboration between BMW UK and The Observer Magazine, chronicled in this classic period film. In 1967, the Daily Telegraph Magazine had collaborated with Jaguar and Bertone to create the incredible Pirana, a rebodied E-Type / … Continue reading

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Everybody here wanted something more

A proper Barbapapa House (via Wowhaus). The French did this bubble architecture more efficiently and copiously than almost anyone else – Pierre Cardin’s classic ‘Bubble House‘ being a case in point / there is an Irish ferry based on Ulysses … Continue reading

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Wowed and fluttering

Buoyed by the electro remake of the Twin Peaks soundtrack album, we present a small selection of of retro synth specialists: Full Eclipse / Rat Rios / The Deathless / Galaxy Knife / Robert Parker / Peturbator /

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“Sing, Moon, In A Swing”

The kind of depressing analysis cited when people wish to make the point that the world is getting coarser: most decade-specific words in Billboard popular song titles, 1890-2014. At least there’s no chance of Larry David Grindcore making it onto … Continue reading

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Generative boxes

The Buddha Machine is a small music player that comes pre-loaded with a selection of composed loops that can be combined or listened to in isolation or even used in your own compositions. A new version has just been released … Continue reading

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Walls and wails

Catching up with the mp3 bloggers, tmn’s third return to the music blogging scene, taking in the changes wrought by the advent of streaming, the end of personal discovery and the general changes in the musical landscape in the past … Continue reading

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To boldly go

In this era of funny-shaped mp3 players and Bluetooth speakers it’s refreshing to find a company still building music boxes. At least, that’s what the MusicMachine 2 claims to be (via Design42day). Designed by Maximilian Büsser and friends, a company … Continue reading

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Words are just dust, in deserts of sound

Was Levon Mosgofian of Tea Lautrec Litho the Most Psychedelic Printer in Rock? Collectors Weekly on the craftsman behind the presses for rock and roll’s most florid period. The posters above come from the exhibition in question, When Art Rocked: … Continue reading

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Tweets, mystique and shouting into the void

Yesterday’s Papers: The End Of The Music Press is a radio show that looks at the ‘long decline of pop in print’. Always a good excuse to look through the (sadly dormant) Archived Music Press page and ‘Like Punk Never … Continue reading

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To here knows when

Yellow Loveless is a Japanese My Bloody Valentine tribute album. Blue Loveless is a Korean My Bloody Valentine tribute album. Or why not listen to Grondo McRanny’s Loveless cover album in full. Or a bit of Japancakes’ version. You can … Continue reading

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Then and now, revisited

Other things. ArcTangent is a West Country music festival specialising in math and post-rock / recollection of lost smells / music: Charles The Osprey / the origins of Purple Rain / a list of fictional brands / yet more then … Continue reading

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8-bit flyovers

Myrone created the soundtrack to forthcoming retro racer Drift Stage, channeling the work and moody presets of Vangelis, Harold Faltermeyer, Giorgio Moroder and Jan Hammer. Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun. See also the work of Kavinsky and the whole genre known … Continue reading

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