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Infuriatingly idiosyncratic

A film about Carmine Street Guitars (via The Guardian) / music by Danish band Tales of Murder and Dust / recommendations via We Love Lo-Fi / more via American Pancake / Twist Spin Tuck Jump (at K) / beautifully painted … Continue reading

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Sounds to catch up

A collection of audio installations by Zimoun (via the TRACE archives) / music by Spare Planet / music by Airships on the Water / music by Unwed Sailor / undefinable pop from Jessica Genius / dreamy guitar pop by Winter … Continue reading

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Ups and downs

The City of the Future versus The Mountain of the Future. We fear that the latter might be a more common direction in the future / AskMe offers up a selection of contemporary small presses / some guitary things. James’ … Continue reading

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Neural Milk Hotel, etc.

‘Jukebox, a neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and artist styles.’ Best explored through this Waxy post, OpenAI’s Jukebox Opens the Pandora’s Box of AI-Generated Music (via (Kottke): ‘The Jukebox … Continue reading

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Furious Loops

Myth and Monolith, the story of the vast concrete Nine Elms Cold Store, written by Andrew Rogers for Vauxhall History. The piece delves into the building’s alleged satanic past, and includes mention of people like Pinkie Maclure and the late … Continue reading

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Lost and found melodies (did we skip day 10?)

“This melody, which was played at some point on a real horn—well, maybe it was real; who knows?—has now passed through radio waves and magnetic tape and digital memory, into the mind of a brilliant arranger and back out into … Continue reading

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Not enough to keep you occupied for more than half an hour

The Case of the Missing Hit, already hailed as a legendary podcast episode (via tmn, amongst other places) / the ten most sampled basslines / a reddit for isolated vocals / Mi.Mu Gloves, as created by Imogen Heap. Explainer / … Continue reading

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Letters of note

This Chinese Factory Makes $100,000 Architectural Models / see also the models of Made by Mistake printing money, visualising spending / here’s where some of that money went: an underground missile complex on 14.73 acres of land, yours for $495,000 … Continue reading

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Unintended consequences

Open Memory Box offers the ‘biggest digitized collection of home movies from the GDR’, a dreamlike collection of silent 8mm films of a completely vanished world (thanks to TT for the tip) / Are compostable bags really compostable?, an ongoing … Continue reading

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The real David Attenborough, a lengthy profile of the 93-year old film-maker and (sometimes) reluctant activist. To follow that up, Kottke always does good science and natural history: Watch Scavengers Devour a Fallen Whale Carcass on the Sea Floor; John … Continue reading

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Outside the envelope

Behind You, a tumblr of original animated, spooky art / sort of related, Dungeon Synth (via MeFi) / Ste Holmes illustration / see also the Synth Evolution Poster / illustrations by Anna Isabella Schmidt / Barbican Winter, Stefi Orazi, at

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End of the week

Illustrations, including paper art by Aurely Cerise / old, but probably still pertinent: Uber knows when your phone is about to run out of battery and prices accordingly / more colour-us-surprised tech news: The ‘Smart Kitchen’ Is Very Stupid / … Continue reading

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Echo Chambers

A short guide to Broadcast, retrofuturist pop & hauntological pop. See also this earlier collection of music loosely grouped as Folk Horror. There are endearing fictional diversions in the genre, such as Hereford Wakes, ‘a five-part ITV children’s drama originally … Continue reading

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Golden Rabbits (or hares…)

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Some things to listen to

Codex 99 has some fine in-depth design history reporting spliced with personal recollections, e.g The XB-70: My Dad and the Cold War, the story of ‘perhaps the most audacious plane ever commissioned by the Air Force’. Also the Box of … Continue reading

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Art and Music round-up

Illustrations by Wenjia Tang, especially Alphabet Zoo / Sightings, an illustration project by Juan Osorno (Instagram). See also the project Necessary Failures / Signalnoise, illustration by James White (via whizual) / illustrations by Vendi Vernic / illustration by Makoto Funatsu … Continue reading

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Watch and listen

Art and music. Where have all the music blogs gone? From the comments, and elsewhere: Various Small Flames; Aquarium Drunkard; the currently dormant Ants in my Trance; songs for the day; mixes at Musicophilia; Mystic Sons / The Oldest Building … Continue reading

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Love for life

Like Punk Never Happened, Brian McCloskey’s Smash Hits archive (via this Guardian piece on How we made Smash Hits. See also (or compare and contrast with) the Archived Music Press site (currently five years dormant) / The Creepy Things, a … Continue reading

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Ashes to ashes

The Decline of Snapchat and the Secret Joy of Internet Ghost Towns (via Laura Olin’s List). Related, the Last Days of Club Penguin and Exploring The Digital Ruins Of ‘Second Life’ / there are 487 electric car manufacturers in China … Continue reading

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Switched on

At the corner of Lovecraft and Ballard, the role of place and architecture in dystopian fiction, an essay by Will Wiles / we love generative music sites: this one if from Google in honour of Oskar Wilhelm Fischinger / Old … Continue reading

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