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Deep and meaningful

More music things. Transcribing Piano Rolls, the Pythonic Way – ‘I wrote this post to show that just filming piano rolls in action is enough for transcriptions purposes’ / Kim Gordon meets Rudolf Schindler / The All-American Music Map / … Continue reading

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Press to play

Music things. All about the Sony Walkman TPS 12 (via Kottke) / recommended sounds: Ummagma; Cheatahs; Dead Rabbits; LS001; Holy Milk; Grey Frequency; loqto; xhu alt. / Can(band), a documentary / The Delian Mode, a documentary / Breadcrumb Trail, a … Continue reading

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Musique pour Supermarché

Jean Michel Jarre’s Music for Supermarkets is a fabled lost album, deliberately created to exist as an edition of one, with all master tapes destroyed. On July 6th 1983 it was played in its entirety on Radio Luxembourg, a hissy … Continue reading

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Scrubbed cities, manipulated buildings

Ian Martin, always worth a read, writing on the ‘new’ British city. ‘This ‘urban vibrancy’ is really social cleansing‘. What does a real community sound like? ‘Not a gurning ukulele ensemble doing a version of You Got the Love in … Continue reading

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Snap, crinkle and pop

Above is a piece called 43 prepared dc-motors, 31.5kg packing paper, by Zimoun / photography by Neil Craver / the first CGI head, 1974, versus an online demo from last year. See also the Digital Emily Project / Google’s new … Continue reading

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As Slow As Possible

As Slow As Possible is a work by the American composer John Cage, currently being performed in St. Burchardi church in Halberstadt, Germany. The piece is being played on a specially designed organ, and began with ‘a 17-month rest on … Continue reading

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Surviving The Biz

Jon Ronson’s memoirs of a former life as Frank Sidebottom’s keyboard player, and the genuine maverick that was Sidebottom himself, are most enjoyable. Sidebottom – Chris Sievey – was also an early computer programmer. His game The Biz, is a … Continue reading

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Wired for sound

The City Project has a huge collection of archive photos on its flickr pages / ‘How Bristol’s gracious mansions mask the shameful past of Britain’s links to slavery‘ / art by Simon Stalenhag / Levitation Magazine is a music blog … Continue reading

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Smoking lounges in the sky

The Z. Taylor Vinson Transportation Collection / sort of related, inside the Hindenburg. A fine ride, by any standards. The comments are particularly interesting. Above image is of the passenger lounge. See also the details of the pressurised Smoking Room … Continue reading

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Experimental jetsetting with no stars

Experimental Travel is the art of travelling in new ways, including such sub-genres as Aerotourism (‘in which a tourist visits the local airport and explores it without going anywhere’) and Erotourism (‘in which a couple travels separately to the same … Continue reading

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