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Cutting through

Friday randomness to follow. The Rise and Fall of the Supercut, which the article puts down partly to waning attention spans and our grudging acknowledgement and acceptance of trope and cliche, without needing it artfully presented. Kottke was always good … Continue reading

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Publishing things

Epic amounts of creative work at wallpaper*’s guest editor retrospective: Zaha Hadid; Dieter Rams; David Lynch; Christian Marclay; Frank Gehry; Hedi Slimane; Kraftwerk; Louise Bourgeois; Philippe Starck; Robert Wilson; Laurie Simmons; Liz Diller; Rei Kawakubo; Taryn Simon; Lang Lang; Karl … Continue reading

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Slightly more sombre

We meant to link to this a few weeks ago, but then tower blocks burned and in the immediate aftermath it seemed a bit too raw. But it’s at least heartening that K+C’s new MP – a noted design writer … Continue reading

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Publishing about publishing, and other things

Motor Mouth, five auto logos from history, at Grafik (via Coudal) / a selection of ambient soundscapes taken from games (via Gyford) / make your own ambient sounds with the WhaleSynth / the story of the success of Ladybird’s modern … Continue reading

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Link review: Publications

Time for another sift through the sidebar, updating as we go. The ‘publications’ section originally referred to websites of print magazines, but over time it came to mean sites that have the same ethos as a magazine, even if they … Continue reading

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The story of Action Comics, the blood-soaked weekly for 70s kids / Atlas Obscura maps its 10,000 global points of interest / Robin Davey is an illustrator and animator / some online magazines: Klat Magazine; Flow Magazine; Paste Magazine; Little … Continue reading

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Tweets, mystique and shouting into the void

Yesterday’s Papers: The End Of The Music Press is a radio show that looks at the ‘long decline of pop in print’. Always a good excuse to look through the (sadly dormant) Archived Music Press page and ‘Like Punk Never … Continue reading

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Climbing the ladder

One interesting detail that emerged from last year’s hugely depressing media-saturated celebrity trial was the revelation that Charles Saatchi was his own most avid fan (‘Elisabetta Grillo tells fraud trial of travelling round London four times a week to buy … Continue reading

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Save your place

HAIKU FOR the man in the seat in front of me, BA flight 143, Edinburgh to Heathrow, 31 August 2012 you put your seat back as soon as we’ve taken off I learn about you Andrew James Brown (from DOG-EAR, … Continue reading

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Endurance Publishing and instant media

Endurance Publishing, the polar opposite to the slow movement in all its cultural manifestations. Are things more immediate and meaningful when they happen fast – be it a magazine, a novel, a script or an album (the February Album Writing … Continue reading

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‘…the ideal early medieval monastic community’

Visual Crit, on art and visual culture, especially Islamic art / infiltrating steam tunnels under American universities / photography by Sam Irons / Things I like, a tumblr / Oh! The Cleverness of me, a tumblr / The Memory Atlas, … Continue reading

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Flexi culture

A collection of cover images from Krugozor, a flexi-disc magazine made in the Soviet Union from 1964 to 1993. More information on this great lost pop cultural artefact can be found in Made in Russia: Unsung Icons of Soviet Design, … Continue reading

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Imaginary utopias

In the grand tradition of imaginary utopias: Nova Cantabrigiensis, ‘a utopian island in the middle of the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia’. A new book by John Devlin, published by Island Editions (via wallpaper). The other imaginary city that springs instantly … Continue reading

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A round-up and an announcement

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, a criticism blog with claws. Vicious reviews are always so much more fun to read / related, Reasoning with Vampires, a tumblr-powered takedown of the Twilight series / another book, clearly pitched at the tech-savvy, post-ironic … Continue reading

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Willow the Wisp

12:31, a spectacular series of images recreating the fragmented body of a convicted murderer. This video of the source imagery was played and captured on a long exposure as it was moved through space, resulting in the thinly sliced cadaver … Continue reading

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Tumbling into tomorrow

Recently, an image or two on the things tumblr set off some kind of internal chain reaction, causing the archive to get thoroughly dug over by a host of sites previously unknown to us, the bulk of which we’ve set … Continue reading

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Casual access

You wouldn’t just pick up someone’s telephone and start fiddling with it – just as you wouldn’t pick up a wallet or handbag and start rifling through the compartments or click around somebody’s desktop without their permission. Presumably the same … Continue reading

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Boxes and boxes

Boxes and boxes, a tour around the current architectural zeigeist in the form of 15 submissions to the competition for the new Dance and Music Center in The Hague (images above taken from Bustler). All the ‘stars’ are represented, pretty … Continue reading

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The future of reading

Into Orbit, Kosmograd on the ArcelorMittal Orbit: ‘Considered as a modern folly, I think it performs quite admirably’. A fine piece that considers provenance, media reaction, visual culture and architectural criticism: ‘Surrounding the structure is a totally unnatural crowd scene, … Continue reading

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Museums in a Box

Books in the age of the iPad, or the future of things. We’ve been offline for much of the past month so the iPad kerfuffle has largely passed us by. The consensus seems to be that this is a device … Continue reading

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