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What never came to pass

Unbuilt cities: the outrageous highway schemes left as roads to nowhere. Good timing as the CBRD blog has just relaunched its page on London’s motorway saga: The Ringways are back. Lots of gloomy artist impressions within, e.g. the concrete pylons … Continue reading

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Links for the week ahead

London Ends, the edges of the city in photographs by Philipp Ebeling / we want to believe, part 396: a lush, vegetation-filled jungle city might actually be a thing. More investigations into the media image of the unbuilt at Failed … Continue reading

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On the up

Beware the Vibrant, on the misleading language of gentrification. Gentrification is one of those concepts that can only really be observed from a distance; like the apocryphal boiled frog you don’t know it’s happening around you until it’s ‘too late’, … Continue reading

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The City Vanishes

Raymond Biesinger, Hans Jenssen and Fabian Oefner are just three of the artists featured in the new Gestalten book ‘Look Inside / the internet of things strikes back / Chinese auto imitation moves on to Porsche / non-fiction by Sarah … Continue reading

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Shrouded in mystery

A few links about NK’s wretched Ryugyong Hotel, unfinished, unloved and potentially doomed to stay exactly as it until such time as it can be turned into a ghoulish museum of the regime / happier things: let’s get swimming, contribute … Continue reading

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Yet more then and now

Pearl River Delta, then and now / London During the Blitz: Then and Now Photographs / the Peckham Peculiar on Nunhead Cemetery / beautiful animated environments by Carl Burton / the Peckham Zine Club, illustration / Unstuck Pixels, retro gaming … Continue reading

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High, over and underground

London Reconnections is a site about the capital’s transport infrastructure, the challenges and complexities of updating and expanding it. Hugely comprehensive, with a very active comments section. Recent posts include the conclusion of a five-part series of London in 2050, … Continue reading

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