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This and that for Wednesday

Music: Thee Telepaths / Black Angel Drifter (formed from the creative core of Morton Valence) / Which cruise ship library is right for you? (via tmn) / 9 Things Microsoft Could Do With LinkedIn / Influx is a blog about … Continue reading

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Link review: design, art and photography

When we embarked on this rather thankless project a few days ago, we forgot to thank Roberto at ArchEyes for drawing our attention to the thicket of 404s that filled the sidebar. Hopefully that is all now being rectified. So … Continue reading

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Collections and Archives: link review

Into the collections and archives section. A Penguin a Week is still soldiering on (plenty of Penguins to go) / Agence Eureka is still a treasure trove of scanned ephemera and illustration /’s blog is worth following / Archive … Continue reading

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Architecture, a life in links

It felt like time to do a bit of spring cleaning and sort out the many, many links in our sidebar, some of which are dead and many others dormant. What follows is a fairly epic post and pruning exercise, … Continue reading

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Getting high, or not

How Zano Raised Millions on Kickstarter and Left Most Backers with Nothing [link now fixed, apologies] / preview the acts at the Lewes Psych Festival: Zofff; Novella; Soft Walls; Wax Machine; The Cult of Dom Keller; Virginia Wing / more … Continue reading

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Cryptozoology, conspiracy and the laws of general ignorance

There have been several formative books on the psychology of deception, both as practiced upon others and the self. Some that stand out include the 1981 publication of Jan Harold Brunvand’s 1981 book The Vanishing Hitchhiker (the first of his … Continue reading

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Down the whirlpool

The Downstairs Gays, a tale of double kitchens, cyber-stalking and of digging yourself deeper and deeper with Google: ‘the second hit was his website, [hisname].com, which featured a sidebar of links, including his Twitter, his Instagram, his résumé, his portfolio, … Continue reading

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Blocks and drills

The recent partnership between Lego and Shell is causing ructions. However, Lego has had a partnership with Shell that goes back over 30 years before being replaced by the fictional Octan brand for sets like the Gas’n’Wash Express. The very … Continue reading

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Links and things

We love this house, but perhaps the most interesting thing about it is the Dutch initiative ‘called “red for green” developed for agricultural areas in decline. Through this program, the Dutch government grants one building permit for each 10 acres … Continue reading

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Links for an accelerated age

Ah, this new term can be used to explain so much of modern life: Knolling. Sort of related, the world of the haul girl and other contemporary sub-cultures. Acquisition is strong, turnover is fast, fluidity is everything: ‘Now, it’s all … Continue reading

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Varosha: The abandoned tourist resort / Quadrotor helicopter truck. Noisy, we imagine / Combat Pilots of WWII, a new book about some of the last surviving fighter pilots / The mechanical clock at the Garden Festival of Wales, 1992 / … Continue reading

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Atmospheric evocations

Round up today. most important / least important 2013 / Umbu scrapes the web and serves up page after page of currently popular gifs. Viewer discretion is advised / New Now Know How, a tumblr-based weblog by Ben Kraal / … Continue reading

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Looking back

Totally random end of year round-up, hopefully one of several / a tumblr devoted to Special Collections and Archives at the University of Iowa (via MeFi, which links many, many more library tumblrs). See also the expansive Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum … Continue reading

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Random links

Almost Lost: London’s Buildings Loved and Loathed, a new exhibition from English Heritage (BBC report). See also Lost London 1870-1945 / ‘A Very Rare Book: The mystery surrounding a copy of Galileo’s pivotal treatise / the tumblr year in review, … Continue reading

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Down town

Photographs of old Bucharest, with the looming Palace of the Parliament emerging out of the old city, obliterating all that had gone before it / Reasons why London is the worst place ever. See also, crap London / Richard Meier … Continue reading

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Pixel scenery

Official San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Construction Time-Lapse / Pixel Scenery (via Coudal) / Abraham Maslow and the pyramid that beguiled business / How much is that house? Too much, probably / the photos of Brad Elterman / see also the … Continue reading

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Meeting in the middle

Crushed Cayenne, an installation by Köbberling and Kaltwasser: ‘The ambiguous frailty and accessibility of the sculpture representing their destruction were in stark contrast to the familiar tank-like look of these cars – intact – in real life. SUVs with their … Continue reading

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Blowing things up

Modern life signs. 3D-printed canal home takes shape in Amsterdam / The Development and Construction of London, a flickr pool / You Are Electric, visual stuff / A Cidade Branca, the art of the axonometric /Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles … Continue reading

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Random things

Apologies for the lack of recent posts / Will Wiles on Five Things I Didn’t Know Until I Was Published / widely seen, but still extraordinary: Lego City of Odan / from the WWD Co., Novelty Catalog, at And Everything … Continue reading

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You’ve been Glassed

Thirty-five arguments against Google Glass kicks off what is bound to be a hefty backlash against the intelligent goggles. See also this story, ‘Privacy ‘impossible’ with Google Glass warn campaigners and the discussion at Metafilter, which rounds up some other … Continue reading

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