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Joining the dots

The slow-motion political race to build tiny stars on Earth / Learn to Kill in Seven Days or Less, big bucks under big skies / 18 Beautiful Words The English Language Really Needs To Steal / Phylopic, ‘free silhouette images … Continue reading

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Start the week

Vanity height: ‘Of the top ten tallest buildings in the world at present (pictured), at least 27 percent of each structure is superfluous, according the report.’ / “Two-up” By Scooter to Australia, the website of a book about a 1956 … Continue reading

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Friday round up

Syracuse University Libraries is host to a number of digital collections; The Plastics Collection; Street & Smith Dime Novel Covers; Belfer Audio Archive; Marcel Breuer Digital Archive; The Gerrit Smith Broadside and Pamplet Collection; The Ronald G. Becker Collection of … Continue reading

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Going in two by two

Who says the UK is immune to Creationism? Bristol is home to the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, a mash-up of the traditional small zoo (of which there are dozens across the UK) and the rather more strident ‘attractions’ like Genesis … Continue reading

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Sub-contracting unease

‘Thus, like the example of the Aztec skulls unearthed by subway crews in Mexico City, London’s Tube also sits atop, cuts around, and tunnels through a citywide charnel ground of corpses, its very routes and station locations haunted by this … Continue reading

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Looking back

Totally random end of year round-up, hopefully one of several / a tumblr devoted to Special Collections and Archives at the University of Iowa (via MeFi, which links many, many more library tumblrs). See also the expansive Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Old London, archive imagery at Spitalfields Life. See also London fog / An incredible year in the life of the Royal Albert Hall / Doctors play the James Bond drinking game. See also Creativity and Alcohol (via … Continue reading

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Drones and gnomes

Behind the Facade, Witold Rybczynski on Poundbury (via Providence Journal): ‘[T]here is a lot more to Poundbury than meets the modernist critic’s jaundiced eye. The place is neither anachronistic, nor utopian, nor elitist. Nor is it a middle-class ghetto. In … Continue reading

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The burden of proof

Historical Remedies make homeopathic ‘First Aids for Active Lifestyles & Modern Stress’, including things called Stress Mints, Moon Drops (a sleep aid), and the rather more self-explanatory Calm Drops and PickUp Drops. Yet somehow HR has found itself with a … Continue reading

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Taken away

Ladies and Gentlemen, a richly atmospheric music and video performance / a time-lapse of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta / car crash studies, a series by Nicolai Howalt / speaking of car crashes, an interview with Sergei Polonsky. And the TripAdvisor … Continue reading

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