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Cloak and dagger

A collection of superb images of 1970s Britain. Via the comments: Southsea in 1983 / Thomas Mann house by midcentury great J.R. Davidson: L.A.’s next big teardown? / Welcome to Camp Midlife Crisis. Baldwin in the woods, finding himself / … Continue reading

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Surveying the past

Diamond Geezer does its annual blogroll review, from which we glean that a) blogs are (probably) dying a long, slow death, and b) blogs are still really good places to read and discover new things, places, people and just stuff … Continue reading

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A random selection of links

Some beautiful old photographs at the Surrey Wanderer flickr site / art by Laura McMorrow / LDS ARCHITECTURE: Discovering Great Mormon Buildings / Cartography Comparison: Google Maps & Apple Maps / always fascinated by posts about instant megacities: Ashgabat in … Continue reading

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Collections and Archives: link review

Into the collections and archives section. A Penguin a Week is still soldiering on (plenty of Penguins to go) / Agence Eureka is still a treasure trove of scanned ephemera and illustration /’s blog is worth following / Archive … Continue reading

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The beat of the drum

Cartographic London, an old post from the turn of the decade / London in 1870 / Celia Reisman paints imaginary suburban landscapes / Tom Tom Magazine, ‘the only magazine in the world dedicated to female drummers’ / architecture magazine the … Continue reading

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Ribbons, anniversaries, re-imaginings

X-Palm, SMAQ architecture on re-shaping the luxury refuges of the past / the relationship between Ping-Pong and Tech Bubbles / storing energy in railcars on a gentle incline / Chernobyl: Atomic City, a piece by Will Wiles from 2012. Related, … Continue reading

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Hiding in plain sight

Hiding in Plain Sight, a visual history of camouflage by Josh Kramer at Wilson Quarterly / concept designs and new wheeled things at Motorcove / a collection of publications at PDF mags / GM’s Moon Buggy Design of 1964, via … Continue reading

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Captain Crunch

If making toast in the modern style doesn’t appeal, why not try Grub, a new service selling crunchy crickets, grasshoppers and worms, either as snacks or cooking ingredients (beginner’s guide to roasting insects). Will it catch on? Possibly not, but … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s my clothes must be to blame

The idea of torching ‘several million pounds worth’ of punk memorabilia is suitably iconoclastic at first glance, but scratch the surface and it’s paradoxes all the way down. No-one is denying that the transient ephemera of an era has a … Continue reading

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The Ides of March

Random things / city paintings by Alexander Pemberton / still life paintings by Barbara Kassel / the Oz archive (via) / ambient sounds and bands at Dream Catalogue / music from Breathless / ride on suitcase plagiarism suit / more … Continue reading

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Sound on sound

An exhaustive history of the origins of the Millennium Falcon / Gear Acquisition Syndrome / sort of related, the story of Townhouse Studios in London, at Phil’s Book, a site dedicated to chronicling recording studios around the UK / the … Continue reading

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The fourth law

Some snippets / how real is the Atlas robot? / Mental Image, a weblog as ‘visual diary’ / the sonambient recordings of Harry Bertoia / Machine Books offer up condensed histories of architectural style / the World Fair for Church … Continue reading

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Armlocks and wrangled mustangs

The story, yet again, behind Atari’s infamous ET the Extra-Terrestrial game / the arcane detail of professional wrestling holds, e.g. the Stepover armlock camel clutch / building the Barbican / Zaha goes AOR on DiD / All the vertical landing … Continue reading

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What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

216 foreign words for positive emotional states and concepts that we don’t have in English, Tim Lomas’s Positive Lexicography Project. We are fuelled by Saudade and Natsukashii and a love of Volta, Koromebi, Thróisma and Wabi-sabi. Most of these, in … Continue reading

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A Monday selection

Passive-aggressive architecture: the story of Spite Houses / retro flash fun with Gary Penn / a look back at Anger, Kenneth / the view from Dawson Heights / in a similar sort of vein, Veronidelica, a tumblr / Cold House, … Continue reading

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Loops and dials

Is the art of shorthand dying? / did anyone buy this hugely expensive Mad Men JLC watch / Muswell Hillbillies, a tumblr / house with a cave (more) / house from a bunker / more at Grand Designs for sale, … Continue reading

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Flailing, not drowning

The Food Timeline takes you on a historical journey back to the earliest recipes, and before / Taste, a ‘Design Observer Symposium on Food and Visual Culture’ / Various Small Fires has a piece on Adrian Street, a 70s-era wrestler … Continue reading

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2016 enters, stage right

Happy new year to all. A selection of links to start 2016. Animated illustrations by Clara Juliano / many gems to be found at the Product Manual Archive, e.g. the Sears 8M Calculator, Lego Baseplate, Fallour Protection Guide / The … Continue reading

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Tuesday Destinations

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All in the wrist

Harry Winston Opus 14, a £400,000 watch that distills about fifty years of American pop culture into an unsurprisingly bloated statement / also just in time for Christmas, passive aggressive shopping guide / maybe buy them the must-have personal scooter … Continue reading

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