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Blow up

Spectacular planetary views at Daily Overview / the world animated in 8-bit art / more clever pixel things at Essenmitsosse / houses in the woods / anapestic tetrameters, the poetic structure of Dr Seuss / Filthy Luker makes massive urban … Continue reading

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The City Vanishes

Raymond Biesinger, Hans Jenssen and Fabian Oefner are just three of the artists featured in the new Gestalten book ‘Look Inside / the internet of things strikes back / Chinese auto imitation moves on to Porsche / non-fiction by Sarah … Continue reading

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Beach life

1994 Scientology Handbook / sort of related, the Risks Digest / The last day of hot metal press before computers come in at The New York Times / music: Bitter Lake / Liquid assets: how the business of bottled water … Continue reading

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Brutal Londo, by Zupagrafika (via Daniel Gray) / Richard Leo Johnson, things that were lost but are now found. Photography from the 70s and 80s. More at Oxford American / abstracted masters painted by Anna Ostoya / Tale Pieces, the … Continue reading

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Weekend plans

Music: Jude Woodhead; Black Angel Drifter; The Cure, live in Glasgow in 1984; Ruth and Martin’s Album Club, introducing people to works they’ve never (often inexplicably) heard; Coffee and Riffs; The Caretaker’s new album series is a three year project … Continue reading

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Art and photographs

Harvard Art Museums makes available a large searchable Bauhaus archive / Get in the Sea / Tom Gauld’s Jetpack, a great tumblr / yet more visual insights into Historic London / another look at Henry Ford’s failed jungle utopia, Fordlandia … Continue reading

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Colour me beautiful

Automated Photographic Colorising / Prisma, create art from photos / The Classical Organ in Britain, 1955-1974, at Found Objects / this stuff is always fun: 70s interiors rendered in vivid colour / the rise of the AirBnB-startup visual aesthetic (via … Continue reading

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Hold Zara Responsible for Art Theft / beautiful architectural photography and drone imagery by Dimitar Karanikolov / thanks for the tip, The London Parchment / the City of London Picture Map / Laurence Jones paints Modernism by night / the … Continue reading

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Throwing itself under the [Micro]bus

The psychology of the VW emissions scandal laid bare (via MeFi), a decade-long deception that stems, in part, from VW’s stubborn desire to give the US market what it thought it needed as opposed to what it so clearly wanted … Continue reading

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Link review: design, art and photography

When we embarked on this rather thankless project a few days ago, we forgot to thank Roberto at ArchEyes for drawing our attention to the thicket of 404s that filled the sidebar. Hopefully that is all now being rectified. So … Continue reading

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Side by side

The Subtle Design Features That Make Cities Feel More Hostile / gallery upon gallery of pristine 70s and 80s metal for sale by KGF Classic Cars / Ye Olde Medieval Tube Map (via Kottke) / see also Side by Side … Continue reading

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Piles of things moved from there to here

Ongoing link dump, apologies for random stream of thought. Brutalist Websites, or rugged style that transcends fashion. See also anything built in Indexhibit (via MeFi) / the life of designer Alan Bartram / visual musings on the Apple Car / … Continue reading

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Back from the brink

Apologies for the long absence. Architecture: ten Zaha Hadid designs that were never built / Peter Zumthor’s first project, from 1970, ‘available to rent for a weekend at half the price of the latest Zumthor 850-page long monograph‘. At the … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s my clothes must be to blame

The idea of torching ‘several million pounds worth’ of punk memorabilia is suitably iconoclastic at first glance, but scratch the surface and it’s paradoxes all the way down. No-one is denying that the transient ephemera of an era has a … Continue reading

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Six points

The book covers of Le Corbusier (with thanks to Alexis Orloff) / 1930 Bentley “Blue Train” Recreation / the ‘noble failure’ of Flaine, the first, and only, Brutalist ski resort / London Pubs, a series by illustrator Ben Lamb / … Continue reading

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Visual culture, redux

The Mindblowing Special Effects Used On ‘Carol’ / Walk the Line, an edition of UnCube magazine devoted the art of drawing / Nick Cave: Stranger in a Strange Land, a documentary from 1987 / live music from GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES! / … Continue reading

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Fake it till you make it

A series of concrete installations by David Umemoto / Hybrids in the Air, what next for the Fairey Rotodyne. More at the BBC. The painting was by the late Cavendish Morton, artist, designer, educator and all-round creative mind / illustrations … Continue reading

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White horses

A roiling digital sea: a beautiful wave simulator / Casa Michael Bay, Hollywood / Filigrane, a tumblr by by photographer Maxime Brouillet / The Garden of Earthly Delights (via MeFi). From the link, two locations hosting vast art scans: Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Bubbling Under

It’s easy to sneer at the misguided thinking behind the most elaborate way-out one-off concept cars – the recent Qatari Elibriea springs to mind – but the logic of creating a striking but improbable proposal to buoy interest in your … Continue reading

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David Byrne’s ‘Guitar Pedals‘, Tokyo, 2010 (via Effect Pedal). More.

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