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The Colour out of Space

John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”, animated by artist Michal Levy who has synesthesia. At Aeon, via tmn, who also point us to Ghost Stories of Tripadvisor, ‘a dreadful directory of hotel hauntings’ / retro news: the Super Mario Game & Watch; … Continue reading

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Mine craft

The Pennsylvania Mine Map Atlas / sort of related, Muir Way’s vintage relief series of maps (via This Isn’t Happiness) / music, Dear Humans, by Elephant Gym / Boat House By WE Architecture / The Glove, live on “Riverside”, October … Continue reading

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Click to play

Collecting Concrete, a taxonomy of mix and texture / ‘Portraits of the Quarantined Mind‘, lockdown portraits / paintings by Alex Dordoy / paintings by Ania Hobson; paintings by Jim Holland / ANT, a conceptual robotic cargo container system, a project … Continue reading

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Cult heroes

Critics regret getting it wrong. The web is awash with ‘one star reviews of the classics‘, and it’s a natural human tendency (at least for this human) to scroll down to find the lowest critical metacritic score on any given … Continue reading

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Up and down

Some sounds, starting with neo psych from The Sun’s Evil Twin. Especially strong Spacemen vibes here: Psychedelic Revolution / drones and more at Relay Tapes / music by Chipped Tooth / contemporary shoegaze from Nossienes and bdrmm / epic soundtracks … Continue reading

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Artistic endeavours

This and that. Art by Joël Penkman. There’s also a movie, courtesy of the Handsome Frank agency, which makes short films about its illustrators and artists / also using egg tempera, the exacting interiors of Andrew Grassie / Soviet Space … Continue reading

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You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike

A fascinating Video Game Map Size Comparison. See also, the Video Game Atlas, as well as this piece at Retromash, the beauty of retro video game maps. This in turn links to an illustrated story on the hand-drawn maps … Continue reading

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Memories of what used to be

Ghost Towers: The view from Iran’s housing crisis. Includes photographs by Hashem Shakeri / Manzhouli, ‘a City Lost in Translation’, China meets Russia in Mongolia / a fine obituary of Charles Jencks / The Modern House features the boat-inspired house … Continue reading

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From megastructures to ministructures

The Indoor University; Canadian Welfare And Modern Architecture / Dusky Parakeet, a houseboat by 31/44 Architects at the Never too Small channel / an interactive diagram of car size evolution / architectural photographs by Simone Hutsch / Toyota, a photographic … Continue reading

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Out on the ice floe

London record store World of Echo to sell hundreds of records from Thurston Moore’s private collection / films by The Modern House / Douse the House, testing the system at the Hill House Box (previously mentioned) / a new book … Continue reading

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Slight Return

The Library of Things – ‘why buy when you could borrow?’ This Guardian piece asks whether ‘borrowing everything from drills to disco balls cut waste and save money?’ It is certainly a tempting idea. Based in Oxford (a London branch … Continue reading

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Air Train

Our horrid future, part 235. For the tech elite, luxury means getting away from what they created. Meanwhile, SF continues to descend into a social hellscape for anyone who isn’t wallowing in venture capital / surprisingly, there is still so … Continue reading

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Space and light

The New American Home is a Condo; how much space do we need to live? / paintings by Chloe Wise / ten extraordinary effects pedals / classic cars as animals, art by Frederic Mueller, via hotvvheels / from 1993, a … Continue reading

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Creativity and Value

I am not the next big thing, on creativity and the value of screaming into the void (via MeFi) / paintings by Andy Dixon (via HiFructose) / maps by Scott Reinhard / porcelain globes by Loraine Rutt. Some more info … Continue reading

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Rising high

Art and science. Landscapes by Cornelia Fitzroy / landscapes by Michael Reisch / the drawing archive at the Norman Foster Foundation / sort of related, I wouldn’t build my dream home in joyless, moralistic Scrutopia / A Peckham Poem, by … Continue reading

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Root and branch

A depressing piece about architecture’s burgeoning relationship with instant social media gratification: Snapping point: how the world’s leading architects fell under the Instagram spell. The stuff about Assemble’s studio wall ultimately becoming an iphone case is extraordinary / other things: … Continue reading

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Falling down

The cathedral drawing series of the late Dennis Creffield / the Apollo of Gaza, lost, found, confiscated and now lost again? / PEOPLE + CULTURE = TECHNOLOGY, a tumblr stuffed with things (thanks to Ankkit) / photography by Bethany Crutchfield … Continue reading

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Outsider art

Old, and possibly superseded, but a list of the top ten most offensively decadent homes in the world is good old-fashioned click-bait. Go straight to McMansion Hell for a palate cleanser / other things. Art by Kim Roselier / pronunciation … Continue reading

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Art and Music round-up

Illustrations by Wenjia Tang, especially Alphabet Zoo / Sightings, an illustration project by Juan Osorno (Instagram). See also the project Necessary Failures / Signalnoise, illustration by James White (via whizual) / illustrations by Vendi Vernic / illustration by Makoto Funatsu … Continue reading

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Watch and listen

Art and music. Where have all the music blogs gone? From the comments, and elsewhere: Various Small Flames; Aquarium Drunkard; the currently dormant Ants in my Trance; songs for the day; mixes at Musicophilia; Mystic Sons / The Oldest Building … Continue reading

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