Catching up

Meades is once again on the money: ‘Britain is once again being architecturally cleansed in favour of timidity and insipidity.’ An A-Z of Brutalism. The accompanying programme: Bunkers, Brutalism, Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry / Black Houses / inside the Ruth and Richard Rogers house, Chelsea / a Conran-esque spread of old interior photography / SAN ROCCO is a magazine about architecture.


We need to make more time for Caught by the River, a publication only obliquely about fishing, water, walking and looking / many interesting projects afoot at Four Corners Books. We especially like the look of Michael Kupperman’s Pirate Nightmare Vice Explosion / we missed this first time round: Brief Interviews with Very Small Publishers. The future is the small press (“However, when possible, we try to use a larger font size to make it easier for grievers, with tears, to read.”) / a family portrait, digested: The Grove, ‘a family heirloom comes into focus’, a project by Elliott Malkin.


Keep it simple, stupid: 45 minutes of hair-metal inanity / discussing the style of late 80s-era concept car design / Todo Lo Que Necesitas Es Dinero, The Rutles / we like the look of the new Roland TR-8 and TB-3 / we are living in the age of retronyms / Death Spray Custom (via Thinking for a Living / Book Keeping, a blog about books / the tumblr of the Linda Hall Library, dedicated to science and technology / Excerpted, a tumblr / Everybody loves our town, the annals of grunge / Bowie&Tate, a tumblr / more tumbling: Atelier Entomologica; Procrastinaut; suhbjektiv.

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