Catching a ride

How to Avoid Repeating the Debacle That Was the Space Shuttle: ‘The most important thing to realize about the space shuttle program is that it is objectively a failure. The shuttle was billed as a reusable craft that could frequently, safely, and cheaply bring people and payloads to low Earth orbit. NASA originally said the shuttles could handle 65 launches per year; the most launches it actually did in a year was nine; over the life of the program, it averaged five per year. NASA predicted each shuttle launch would cost $50 million; they actually averaged $450 million.’ Related, NASA Space Shuttle Archive.


Very nice unofficial animated credits for the new Tintin film. By James Curran. Via Daniel Gray. Advance word on the film isn’t especially encouraging / Wallpaper* does a Top20 websites / stepping stones, a tumblr / Do Not Fold, a weblog / Sabrina Campagna, a tumblr / Cope, a weblog about making games work / the reHouse concept for simpler domestic appliances / Bitch Magnet are back. Interviews / How Close Is the Recession to Your Doorstep? / Okolo, interiors, architecture and objects.

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