Castles in the sky

A Guardian report into the wretched 48-storey edifice that is St George Wharf Tower (official site) illustrating the off-shore ownership and generally vacant state of the building. Interesting snippet: ‘At 23,000sq ft, the Tower penthouse is 24 times larger than the average new three-bedroom home in the UK. It was bought in May 2014 but has yet to be lived in. As part of a lengthy refurbishment, Guriev is understood to be installing a Russian Orthodox chapel that has had to be carried piece by piece up the elevators.’ The same man owns Witanhurst in Highgate, the subject of a fascinating New Yorker article, House of Secrets. There was more human warmth on the Vauxhall site back when it was a Cold Store.


Related. Nova Alea, via RPS, which describes it as a game that ‘explores/demonstrates gentrification and property market forces through a tiny patch of city land, its skyscrapers infecting one another with wealth as they climb, at first unimpeded, then with restrictions designed to slow or stem the tide of gamified buying and selling)’. Gentrification, played out diagramatically / definitely related: Infractus, architects Smout Allen on exploring whether the life, character and value of a building truly can be captured via 3D scanning, in response to Margaret Hodge’s suggestion that built heritage could be digitally captured in order that Robin Hood Gardens, etc., might be demolished.

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