Carrying the green flag all winter long

Henry Bourne’s British Folklore Project, brining the Green Man/Jack in the Green to life / Battersea to Peckham in the style of Claude LeLouch’s C’était un rendez-vous / illustration by Adam Simpson / other things, a weblog / Spine Out, a weblog / unintended architectural hotspots: the Museum Tower in Dallas, Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, and Las Vegas’s Vdara Hotel ‘death ray’.


From ‘Happiness is a glass half empty‘:

‘The museum [of failed products] is home to discontinued brands of caffeinated beer; to TV dinners branded with the logo of the toothpaste manufacturer Colgate; to self-heating soup cans that had a regrettable tendency to explode in customers’ faces; and to packets of breath mints that had to be withdrawn from sale because they looked like the tiny packages of crack cocaine dispensed by America’s street drug dealers. It is where microwaveable scrambled eggs – pre-scrambled and sold in a cardboard tube with a pop-up mechanism for easier consumption in the car – go to die.’

Related, 25 consumer products that failed, from the vast array stored at the ‘museum’ (actually a research centre) by GfK Custom Research North America.

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