Captain Crunch

If making toast in the modern style doesn’t appeal, why not try Grub, a new service selling crunchy crickets, grasshoppers and worms, either as snacks or cooking ingredients (beginner’s guide to roasting insects). Will it catch on? Possibly not, but Grub is simply following on from the classic nineteenth century tome, Why not eat insects? Vincent M. Holt’s 1885 pamphlet extolled “entomophagy” but acknowledged there were cultural hurdles to climb:

The general abhorrence of insects seems almost to have increased of late years, rather than diminished, owing, no doubt, to the fact of their being no longer familiar as medicines. At one time the fact of their being prescribed as remedies by village quacks and wise men made people, at any rate, familiar with the idea of swallowing them. Wood-lice, which conveniently roll themselves up into the semblance of black pills, were taken as an aperient; centipedes were an invaluable specific for jaundice; cockchafers for the plague; ladybirds for colic and measles.


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