Canned culture

Time capsules. The eclectic bunch of designer fare in the above link is the contents of a time capsules placed in the foundations of the new Design Museum, now on site at the former Commonwealth Institute in London. The items include an iPhone 4S (they couldn’t get a 5?), ‘a good bottle of 2012 Burgundy’ and a tin of Anchovies, all donated by Sir Terence Conran (no chicken brick?, and Zaha Hadid generously giving a copy of Patrik Schumacher’s ponderous The Autopoiesis of Architecture: v. 1: A New Framework for Architecture: A Conceptual Framework for Architecture (will the anchovies or the book be more digestible to future generations?).


The Design Museum rather seems to have come full circle, from a place to study material culture and the social and cultural motivations behind things becoming fetishised and turning into cult objects into a place where the beatification of objects takes precedence over their collection and study. The new museum will be converted by John Pawson and hemmed in by three new OMA-designed housing blocks, which act as a chunky foil to the expressive original building. Related, build your own future treasure trove with Heritage Time Capsules, clients include ‘Nike, Disney, Boy Scouts of America, Toyota, U.S. Air Force, Coke and many more… Celebrate your History and Leave a Legacy Today!’


Other things / on Jacques Tati’s Playtime, via Bottle Rocket Science / FILMography, a tumblr of classic movie scenes then and now. Nicely done (via MeFi) / loving the current Coudal home page, in honour of A Drive into the Gap, an admittedly very US-centric film and essay about baseball / Hitting the Road: Road Maps From the Map Collection of Yale University Library / the origin of vorsprung durch Technik.

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