Camper than

Everybody in The Place: An Incomplete History of Britain 1984-1992, a film by Jeremy Deller that ‘uses rare and unseen archive materials to weave together a narrative that investigates the music and protest movement that created “seismic social changes” in Britain and reshaped the country forever’. Via Mixmag / art and math by Ani Abakumova (via designboom) / Why did we wait so long for the bicycle?: ‘The key insight was to stop trying to build a mechanical carriage, and instead build something more like a mechanical horse.’ (via MeFi) / music by On Autopilot / Living Vehicle, a cross between an RV and an upscale prefab / see also art and campers by Jay Nelson (via Dwell) / see also the Saab Toppola / retromodern speculation on iPhone design / a new town in Mongolia, a journalistic fascination: Ordos 2009; Ordos 2012; Ordos 2016; Ordos 2019 / seen in various places, the work of Thatcher Wine, artful organiser of books for the rich. We have written about this before, we feel / model Porsche, $11,000.

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