Cabbages and things

Berberian Sound Studio becomes a stage play. See our earlier post, Aural Excitements / all the strange things are collated and presented by 41Strange, which is a veritable dark cave of the uncanny and the esoteric in 20th century media / an obituary of John Harold Haynes, instruction manual pioneer (via MeFi). Haynes is one of those companies, like Pantone, that while it never lost sight of its core business, obviously succumbed to the advice of a marketing and diversification specialist at some point. Pantone is still the industry standard, but also a lifestyle and consumer product supplier. Similarly, Haynes diversified into Practical and Lifestyle Manuals, where you could learn about things that exist (or once existed) and things than manifestly don’t exist, rather blurring the lines of what a manual actually is. Nevertheless, the company single-handedly flies the flag for technical drawing / also recently passed, Jim Dunlop, creator of electric guitar accessories / psychedelic noise making devices from digdugDIY.

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