Buzz your way to fame and fortune

Is Twitter dying? Probably not (in the great tradition of the redundant journalist question mark), but it does continue to serve as a giant petri dish for the blossoming mould spores of human behaviour, as evidenced by this animation of tweets following the rising sun across the US / back in the days: The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab. More at the Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Museum Collection which has a fabulous selection of Atomic Toys (Uranium Rush!). Related, Chernobyl: Capping a catastrophe (via MeFi) / see also Cutaway illustrations of nuclear reactors (via kottke).


Many, many beautiful book covers at Somnium Books / we like Jim Golden’s Relics of Technology Series (related, Why U.S. Nuclear Missile Silos Rely on Decades-Old Technology) / Stuff Matters, a book cover image by Dan Tobin Smith / All the Sketches, a visual resource for car designers / time moves on: this gallery of reimagined ‘classic’ LP covers from a few years back suddenly seems dated, as if the premise is no longer imaginary, but these records have genuinely slipped into a faded era / sketching spirit, beautiful work.

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