Built environments

A collection of Lost Modern buildings / Mariah Carey and the sound of Christmas / 80s.nyc. Now do London / music from The Barnslou Trio / 8 built projects that inspired: ‘five urban housing cases, which despite being architecturally overlooked, they are worth being celebrated for the development and enhancement of a musical heritage.’ / 30 years after the great storm, then and now / High and Dry, a photo-essay of Trona, California, by Mark Broyer / sort of related, Van-derlust: on the road across North America – in pictures / How toxic is your car exhaust? / photographs by Reuen Wu / the story of Daytona USA / Grim, a collection of imagery representing the ‘dark aesthetic’, i.e. new Goth / Kottke on the box / technology that is perfect despite being obsolete / how Starchitects built Astana.

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