Building blocks

Beautiful paper models of Prague, for those with infinite patience. Found and blogged by architect Lebbeus Woods (linked via Nicology). Many years ago we were invited to Cut & Assemble Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, a thankless task. Sites like PaperModelBuildings are a start, but someone needs to catalogue the many ‘cut & assemble’ books that were made. In fact, the ability to click on a structure in Google Earth and simply output its architectural net to a printer sounds like a worthy service. Speaking of which, Google Maps has recently added 3D building models to its standard pages. These can apparently be tilted and rotated on Android devices. Google Earth’s London models have also been bulked up in recent months


The T-50 takes flight, on Russia’s first stealth plane. Interesting phrase from the MeFi comments: ‘pilot latency’, one which has a pretty low google count. We take it to mean the increasing extent to which a human pilot gets in the way of how fast a plane can react and manoeuvre. Related, how the Moscow Airshow looked in 2001.

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