Bubbling Under

It’s easy to sneer at the misguided thinking behind the most elaborate way-out one-off concept cars – the recent Qatari Elibriea springs to mind – but the logic of creating a striking but improbable proposal to buoy interest in your wares is an old one. More recently there’s been Faraday Future’s single-seat electric supercar, a proof of concept but not necessarily a practical machine that will ever function as described. We yearn for the far-out visions of the recent past, like the 1970 Pussycar Automodule, a hydraulic-equipped bubble car that actually worked, regardless of how impractical it was / slightly related, a student project by Nikita Bridan exploring an alternative history for Bugatti, imagining the brand building cars right up through the 60s and 70s / sort of related: Lotus explain that their shop is a waste of money / the Art Center Archives, providing glimpses into 80 years of industrial design history / dive into the ClimateTechWiki / Engineers at War, an exhibition at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.


Some intriguing stories told and places visited at rag-picking history, including the basements beneath Senate House, the worlds revealed by ghost streets and the street art of Phlegm (official Phlegm Site) / we like Novelty Mag / the John Bratby Retrospective includes some of his many, many portraits of notable figures of the day, often dashed off in less than an hour. See also the Mercedes he once allegedly tried to kill his mistress in / Languages of the Birds: the occult and art / music things: This Day in Matador History; Venera 4; Fred und Luna; Fornax Void / learn to play the Pianu / greenlight Jalopy, an intriguing game / Hidden Folks, another intriguing looking game / none more hip, Wes Anderson-style paper dioramas by illustrator Mar Cerdà / a short film about furniture makers Vitra.

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