Brmmm, brmmm

A selection of things / aerial photography by Klaus Leidorf / photography by Matthieu Salvaing / a Russian pet cemetery / Debbie Harry on The Muppets (via Kottke) / architectural photography by Mårten Lange / art by Katie Trick / Deepfake satellite imagery poses a not-so-distant threat, warn geographers / Problematic Ships, a tumblr / Fifehead revisited: my ride through north Dorset’s mysterious past, includes an exploration of the lost Fifehead House, one of the 2,000 properties catalogued at Lost Heritage / not lost, a barn made of glass / tracing the origins of a fabled comedy routine, what the papers say / speakers up for an endless techno session / art by Heather Ihn Martin / a collection of weird fiction podcasts / Colour Memories, an exhibition about architectural polychromy at the Museum of Architecture / How to die well, Andrea Ucini / now that’s a beach house / why is this interesting? What will happen to automotive sound?

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