Bricks, snaps, clips and cupcakes

How Lego clicked: the super brand that reinvented itself / ooh, Monument Valley 2 / Tallulah Fontaine, a tumblr / photography by Frank Herfort / photography by Georg Aerni / on Brutalism, a story in the Washington Post / Commoditised Warfare, with gifs by Christoph Niemann / illustration by Ivo van de Grift / TV series cancelled after one episode / Linear Obsessional, a record label devoted to field recordings and other obscurities / The Graceful and Manly Pastime of Skating, intriguing early urban skating history at MeFi / photographs by Roland Iselin / the the evolution of iconic cars / A World Without People, could possibly be better than the world with people / ‘Brutalist Redesigns‘ by designer Pierre Buttin, ‘giving popular apps the brutalist treatment’ / when gentrification tips over the other way: the story of Bleecker Street, NY. ‘But on July 9, 2000, Magnolia was featured on “Sex and the City,” in Season 3. The 30 seconds of Carrie Bradshaw and her friend Miranda eating cupcakes outside the bakery were all it took to turn the street.’

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