Bricks and other symbols

The RIBA’s Wall competition is a strange mix of the spectacular and the decidedly non-secular. With the intention being “to build a national landmark, which will declare God’s goodness to all people,” the brief calls for the use of ‘a million bricks, or equivalent, each representing a story where someone has prayed to Jesus and He has answered.’ It brings to mind nothing less than the typically subversive travails of K2 Plant Hire, the KLF’s earth-moving subsidiary with grand plans for a ‘People’s Pyramid‘, ‘an estimated 150-foot (46 m)-high structure built from as many house bricks as there were British 20th century births (estimated by the duo as 87 million)’ / why the Revel Casino was doomed from the start, Architizer on the Arquitectonica-designed $2.4bn dollar Atlantic City casino that has now been re-branded as TEN / stark comparison, photographer Ben Murphy’s The Riverbed series shows shanty housing in southern Spain.

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