Boxy, but good

Archival Footage of the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge / a visit to Shermer, Illinois – The John Hughes Filming Locations, by Brian Orndorf / Lego models by NXGeliminator / Rad Library, a book lovers website / LP cover lover, for admirers of album cover art good and bad / omeprazol, a tumblr with an architectural slant / Aaron’s tumblr / make collaborative music with
Ohm Studio (via MeFi).


A couple of days ago it was the last day of the Pepys Diary (via Kottke), a monumental web project that we’ve enjoying dipping into over the years. Someone should put it together into a book. Oh, wait / huge 360 panorama of the view from the Shard / build the Villa Savoye out of paper / build a paper Volvo 240 / buy Celine Dion’s house / tow half a VW combi behind your VW combi.

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  1. Aygeemac says:

    Thank you profoundly for the link to Celine Dion’s house. I don’t know when I last laughed so much. I didn’t realise people could actually have taste so bad as this. it makes a showman’s caravan look like the epitome of restraint and discernment by comparison.

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