Bottles and apples

A random collection that encompasses almost everything. Scans from ‘the earliest Chinese book printed by the technique of polychrome xylography‘ / Thomas Kiefer, the El Sueno Americano Project / Alcor once more / Lawrence Lee Magnuson continues to curate one of our favourite tumblrs / see also The Colour Scale and Cinque del Mattino for more art / small buildings showcased at Model Architecture / Q’s History through Ties, Desmond Llewelyn, neckwear and James Bond (via Fanfare) / Reconstructions of Vermeer’s Rooms: 3D space and the camera obscura / 1962 Fallout Shelter Handbook.


Steve Albini Shows That Punk Rock Ethics Are Good Business, an interview at Psychology Today (via Longform) / revisited, The Charnel-House, leftist aesthetics / Panoramical, a collection of abstract musical landscapes (via RPS) / the recreated ZX Spectrum / see also: an explanation of old school graphics / also related, computer graphics c1968 / sort of still related, Commodore Amiga powers school air conditioning system / condom graphic packaging / the story of the Pink Lady, the apple engineered to beat all rivals. Of course, there is a specialist website called Adam’s Apples / related and recommended: Forgotten Fruits: The stories behind Britain’s traditional fruit and vegetables by Christopher Stocks (former things contributor).

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