Borders from space

A random selection. Sippey, etc., is Michael Sippey’s current platform for thoughts and links, including Jessica Eaton’s beautiful Cubes for Albers and LeWitt, a three dimensional conflation of two iconic pieces of minimalist art / and we complain about the state of the UK’s rail infrastructure / It’s the Camera, a tumblr focusing on kit, mostly old / related: how do you wire photographs? / postcards from the architect / borders from space / Owl in the Sun play Laura / Meet Dave Smith, author of “Disney A to Z” / tap to calculate bpm.


From this post on the still-threatened Nakagin Capsule Tower, a link to the tower’s construction process, and a comment linking to imagery of one of the original capsules / Not Ordinary Things, a tumblr with a focus on illustration / Recto/Verso, a publisher’s (F.A.Bernett) blog about online and offline esoterica / another entry for the growing online collection of subway maps: Moscow’s Metro 2, the purported secret underground metro system which parallels the public Moscow Metro (via Reddit). The line supposedly includes a stop at Ramenki, the quasi mythological underground city designed to keep the upper echelons of Soviet society alive for many years after a nuclear attack.

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  1. fosco says:

    nakagin construction process link’s not working

  2. fosco says:

    You would maybe be interested in the animated movie Metropia. A dystopic flic describing a near future society -run out of oil- where a huge underground network is created by joining all the various undergrounds together underneath Europe. And where people’s lives are controlled via a shampoo (!)

    Beautiful animation technique, dystopic scenarios, interesting subjects, but the film doesn’t completely succeed all its ambitions.

    More infos here:

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