Books, sets and organisation as a sales tool

New Found Original, ‘an online shop selling a carefully selected and ever changing collection of graphic products’. Interesting to see if the flurry of interest in ‘graphic products’ generated by blog culture will translate into a viable commercial operation. There’s already Display, Counter Objects and Counter Print, and the recent SCB post On presenting stationery simply highlighted the blurring between presentation, retail design and old school Modernist presentation.


The retail catalogue is obviously a source of fascination. Flickr is a rich repository for things like these Christmas and Toy Catalogs, with every spread a trigger for nostalgia and desire. But for the most part, the appeal of the traditional catalogue was its ripe, over-stuffed appearance, a chaotic jumble of things from within which the true object of your desires could be located. Rarely, if ever, were things organised neatly. This 1966 Penneys Christmas catalog illustrates this consumerist hinterland between order and disorder. One has to look at trade catalogues to find the spirit of geometric perfection demonstrated in early Modernist print. At what point did the fetish for neatness make the leap from trade to public? When did the geometric still life go mainstream?


Other things. Unintentionally Creepy, a tumblr about things that didn’t work out quite as they hoped / I hate the 90s, many, many mp3s / has the proposed reconstruction of the Euston Arch been abandoned? / photography by Roy Caratozzolo / related, a street photography blog sponsored (?) by the new Fuji X100, an accomplished piece of retro design / The Story of Our Rooms / Sinetracts, devoted to ‘Turkish cult films from the 60s and 70s’ / Stewart Mackinnon: Ruptured and Remade, Rick Poynor on an illustrator who vanished.


There are apparently 100,00 people making a living (of sorts) from farming gold for MMPORGs / Shannon_Mattern’s Bookmarks are worth your study / How many people live near a nuclear power plant in the USA? / plenty of great imagery at Katherine Squier’s photostream / Poppytalk Handmade, contemporary crafts. See also their links / photographer Taryn Simon on TED, from a couple of years ago. Simon’s An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar is one of our favourite monographs of recent years, and in the talk she explains the often torturous route taken to get the shots.


Biblio Graphic, ‘a library of interesting bits from the history of art, design & culture,’ by Graphic Nothing. An emphasis on East European design and illustration / the Domus Mixtape / An East London Companion, a new map from Herb Lester Associates / sub-studio design blog / Book Ride, a guide to rare books. Who would have guessed that Learning from Las Vegas would be so valuable? / Jutok’s flickr page contains a huge volume of evocative imagery of contemporary architecture in Japan, under construction and completed. It’s compiled by Kazunori Fujimoto, who has his own practice in Hiroshima.

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