Books about things

Grim London, a macabre map of the capital / McMansion Hell, the ten circles of housing insanity / A Brief History of the Studio as an Instrument, over at the Ableton website / The Adventures of Tintin: Breaking Free, anarchism from 1988 / How London Architecture has evolved, a documentary / yet another Guardian piece, perhaps a bit more nuanced, on gentrification / what are some ‘gripping, non-fiction books about things‘? / beautiful illustrations by Josie Shenoy / Ursula K.Guin on The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, via MeFi, on the skewed historical, cultural and fictional balance between ‘hunting’ and ‘gathering’ / old, and abandoned, the GUIdebook, or Graphical User Interface Gallery / art and paper at Cartolleria / paper cculptures by Makiko Azakami, via Faith is Torment.

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