Book covers, from now and then

A little late for this, perhaps: ‘Dracula will be a 740 page book by the artist Roman Vasseur that features the covers of an ongoing collection of novels from the vampire genre.’ See some of the covers already collected. The project was on show at the Stanley Picker Gallery last week / ‘The tyranny of cultural choice is making my brain gasp‘: ‘Time anxiety induces a perverse reaction to recommendations. Links to “must-read” articles or rave reviews of “must-see” box sets make me sigh.’ Instapaper is the VCR of the information age / illustrated above: paintings by Jessica Rohrer.


David Foster Wallace’s posthumous essay collection, Both Flesh And Not, versus Jenny Turner’s The Brainstorm, a novel about the ins and outs of a progressive newspaper on the cusp of the information age and a sudden – but not catastrophic – loss of memory. The rubber band motif is clearly a good one.

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