Boldly going into the back bedroom

Make your own space. Following on from the space simulator built into a caravan, we trawled around to find this list of ‘five homemade flight simulators‘. Alternatively, if you have a spare £3.25m you could buy this South London mansion, complete with attic-based spaceship playroom. Presumably you bring your own software – either something retro like this or something rather more contemporary / A Necessary Incompleteness: ‘buildings and structures that are activated or inhabited even though their construction is not complete’ / Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie / A Journey Round My Skull is the flickr set of 50 Watts / a celebration of the singles released by Duran Duran. See also Hungry Like the Wolf, isolated tracks / Magpile Awards, the best independent magazines of 2013 / Ant Attack City, rendered in Minecraft. The original.

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2 Responses to Boldly going into the back bedroom

  1. mike says:

    mon cher trucs hebdo:

    awww yes.

    Haven’t yet found an enthusiast’s big-screen and gimbaled Akron flight deck, but I figure it’s just a matter of time.

    the canvas and wire folks are here, though:

  2. dustybeijing says:

    What the shit is that! I would have hours of fun there.. not even playing video games!!

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