Blurry Sounds

London’s population is shrinking (the population history of London) / the people whose homes are portals to the past / Dublin Goth New Wave Movement from 1989 / Non-children’s songs with child vocals, a list of suggestions / enjoy double vertigo with a climbing window / colour us surprised: SmartDot radiation-protection phone stickers ‘have no effect’ / Christopher Beanland’s book Lido looks like fun / see also Seaside: Photographed, a virtual tour of an exhibition at the John Hansard Gallery / The Isolated Cinema, a film festival for one / a selection of quirky filming locations in the UK / impressive game design by Section 9 Interactive / transparent Jazzmaster / Field Work, ‘ambient excursions, strange pop, smudgy dub and disembodied voices’. Recommended / Watch a hacked DJ technique made with karaoke tapes, by Oedo Technica, linked by CDM: ‘whole hip hop mixes. On cassette. On karaoke machines’ / Gray (correctly) ‘thought the world could do with another poster for The Thing.’

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