Blue skied an’ clear

Above, Hyde Park in the rain. La Palette de Londres, the city broken down into its constituent Pantone numbers / Birds in London, Heraclitean Fire on an 1868 book by W. H. Hudson exploring the city’s avian population / Ulverston, then and now. Over at I like / Glossy magazines ain’t so glossy. No real surprises here, sadly. At The Rex Features Diary.


A collection of gas bag vehicles at Low-tech Magazine / Mananarama, now a tumblr / Mail Call, An Audio Message by Mail System from 1967 / The Beauty of the Airline Baggage Tag / Japanese party poppers, handmade at the 7yume corporation / high-risk link-baiting: deface a Rothko, watch visits to your website soar.


The Single Most Important Object in the Global Economy.

Companies like Ikea have literally designed products around pallets: Its “Bang” mug, notes Colin White in his book Strategic Management, has had three redesigns, each done not for aesthetics but to ensure that more mugs would fit on a pallet (not to mention in a customer’s cupboard). After the changes, it was possible to fit 2,204 mugs on a pallet, rather than the original 864, which created a 60 percent reduction in shipping costs.

Pallets, or the consequence of a world using pallets, presumably feature in SimCity, a new version of which is about to be released. Watch a short gameplay movie here and imagine a thousand town planners either gnashing their teeth in frustration and/or jealousy.

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