Blowing things up

Modern life signs. 3D-printed canal home takes shape in Amsterdam / The Development and Construction of London, a flickr pool / You Are Electric, visual stuff / A Cidade Branca, the art of the axonometric /Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air / Eye Magazine on the old school layout of Private Eye / a collection of Art and design links / FxGuru (Android) and Action Movie FX (iOS) are two apps that bring out the inner Michael Bay in all of us.


What are some useful and ‘cool’ internet tricks? / sadly no actual hard stats in this piece – just how many hotel owners have seen the beast? – Loch Ness Monster: Is Nessie just a tourist conspiracy? / Bedroom Cassette Masters Volume Two, low-fi electronica / Memories from an Insane Asylum, Scouting NY follows up some urban exploration with some oral histories.


NMPRV tumbles things from flickr. There’s a sentence that would have made little or no sense a decade ago / Lensblr is a more explicit straight-up photography-focused blog / London then and now (via Coudal) / collages by Sarah Eisenlohr / Autopolis, ‘the cars we loved’ / Life Inside The Kowloon Walled City. We’re allergic to the word ‘infographic’, but this is a wonderfully detailed cross-section drawing / Rick Mather, 1937-2013.

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  1. Re: Kowloon Walled City —

    An old but still captivating project speculating on the inner workings of Kowloon as an urban machine:

    My favorite drawing is a whirring GIF overlaid on a beautifully dense section of the city:

  2. 301 says:

    I make my living online and still your link to “What are some useful and ‘cool’ internet tricks?” taught me a few things. I especially liked the * after a Google Maps search and the “Chrome – Resources Tab” pieces. Always learning new things. :-)


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