Blow up

Spectacular planetary views at Daily Overview / the world animated in 8-bit art / more clever pixel things at Essenmitsosse / houses in the woods / anapestic tetrameters, the poetic structure of Dr Seuss / Filthy Luker makes massive urban inflatables (via Juxtapoz) / yet more car copying / sculptures by Brian Dettmer, via Faith is Torment / some more London things. The Last Tuesday Society, a literary organisation ‘dedicated to subverting life, the universe and everything bored of the life and world it sees around it seeks to create a new world filled with beauty, wonder and the imagination.’ / author Tom Bolton takes photographs. See also his piece on Ten Vanished, And Vanishing London Experiences / not sure what’s going on here: Sense of Promise, a journey through a series of ‘virtual elixirs’. It did made us wonder about the potential for VR to offer ‘unsafe’ and dangerous spaces. Just as you’d never download an unknown .exe file, will we be issuing warnings about the perils of accessing an unmapped and unexplored virtual world.

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