Blinking in the light

Twenty years seems to be a trigger point for all sorts of nostalgia, a drag net through the past that scrapes at the lingering memories of pop culture and then hauls them, kicking and screaming, into the light of the present day. Sometimes it’s a welcome illumination. Sometimes that light is too harsh. Sometimes you have literally no idea as to what the light will reveal. Related, Steve Albini talks Nirvana, and the letter he wrote when originally asked to produce the album.


That’s All Folks: ‘Every generation gets the fictional doomsday it desires’. On contemporary concerns in science fiction cinema / related, Seinfeld and Sci-fi, on the ‘pornography of infinity’ in The Parking Garage / An American WW2 boxed warship recognition set / Box, a short film exploring the current state of projection mapping / fave versus save / the last Twentieth Project is upon us: write and record a song in a day / Walter Gropius House for sale in Chelsea.


Proof, a new photography-focused site from the National Geographic / Hanger // Hiatus, a tumblr about a pause in fashion / Punched & Ruled, a tumblr / the inspiration blog of Dimitris Polychroniadis, art and architecture / the Phoenix Van, a compact VW-based camper. See also the Brubaker Box. Sort of related, Sweet Post-apocalyptic Rides (1970s Edition) at JK Muir’s Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV.

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