Bleeps in the aether

The Google AR Synth is fun but fiddly (via Gear News). Possibly less fiddly in actual AR? See also Modulia Studio, Jam Studio VR and the much-vaunted Korg Gadget VR /art by Heidi Lanino / art by Jack McGarrity / quirky cars from Japan / RIP Lou Ottens, inventor of the compact cassette. More at MeFi. How strange to have seen your invention lauded and adopted worldwide, before slowly and inexorably fading out of view, only to have a strange reemergence right at the end of your life / Anti-Hauntology: Mark Fisher, SOPHIE, and the Music of the Future (also via MeFi) / Japan’s 2011 tsunami, then and now – in pictures / what is the good IKEA? / Lego Bonsai / The Current, a film magazine from Criterion.

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