Bleeps and borders

The ARP 2600: The Story of a Legendary Synthesizer / see also famous examples of Yamaha DX-7 use, with sound samples (via Ask). Another one: The 10 best synth presets in history (and where you can hear them) / even more synth stuff at MeFi / we need more sites that gather interesting stuff, like Mr Obscure Eyes, or Hilobrow (e.g. their impressive twenty-five part series of ‘true stories about fetishes. That is to say: things that endlessly, inescapably compel our devoted, obsessive attention.’ / more media: COVID-19’s impact on journalism / “What if your life—maybe shot in better light, maybe a tiny bit beyond your financial reach, but still, in essence, yours—turned out to be what an entire generation was dreaming of?”. Magazines writing about magazines: Vanity Fair goes behind the scenes at Kinfolk / objects, rather than lifestyles, at risk: Iconic Houses; British Victorian buildings; Twentieth Century British architecture; more modern British architecture; global Modernism; etc., etc. / related, a walking guide to Modernist Hampstead / sort of related, The ultimate Shed of the year vote.

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