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Peter Harrington’s The Cataloguer’s Desk is a blog devoted to rare books and printed ephemera, including these Thomas the Tank Engine model books and the first book on the Loch Ness Monster, Rupert T. Gould’s lavishly illustrated venture into pseudo-science from 1934 that could be said to have invented the entire realm of cryptozoology. The links are excellent as well, such as the Missing and Stolen Books Blog and The Private Library. Related, Paper Passion, ‘a fragrance based on the smell of books’ by perfumer Geza Schoen and produced by Steidl. New books, presumably, not old.


The Wesley Willis CD Repository, an unparalleled resource of music and imagery by the late, legendary performer. Compiled and hosted by the artist Derek Erdman, who offers a free drawing of Carol Channing to every resident of Seattle, WA (providing you supply proof of residence).

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