Birth, school, work, death

TONTO, ‘The Original New Timbral Orchestra’, the invention of Malcolm Cecil, who died last month. Listen to Stevie’s Wonder Men for more insight into the innovation, as well as the album by Tonto’s Expanding Head Band / farewell to Ken Garland, designer, writer and educator / farewell to Eric Carle, writer, illustrator and caterpillar wrangler / Japan’s karoshi culture was a warning. We didn’t listen / Holm, ambient post-rock from Zurich / Mudhoney, live at the Fulham Greyhound, London, in March 1989 / sculptures by Matthew Simmonds / portrait painting by Isabelle Watling / generative art by Nakauchi Kiyoshi / Zombies and Ghosts, ‘In 21st-century finance capitalism, residential buildings are valued less as homes than as investment assets. The results are eerily underpopulated cities and bleak unfinished suburbs.’

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