Big spenders

The Loumavox (previously mentioned) turns out to be one of those elaborate Piltdown technology projects / IanVisits tracks changes to the London Tube Map / Rowan Moore on the objects that bring him joy / 43 forthcoming games, lots of beautiful environments to explore / Salvage Design by Kristen Meyer (via Colossal) / the Women of Rock Oral History Project / what does $295m buy you in Los Angeles? Related, in Rome, the Villa Aurora is valued at $534m: ‘There’s one small problem for [the buyer], however: the prince’s widow, Princess Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi — née Rita Carpenter, originally of San Antonio, Texas — who still lives in the villa and is more than loath to leave.’ / why have we never visited the virtual Sir John Soane’s Museum? (via MeFi) / the wild, wonderful world of estate sales.

There was a window of time, maybe the first decade of this century, where the cellphone presented an inconvenient obstacle to filmmakers. In order to preserve a sense of isolation and jeopardy, this new technology had to been shown not to work: No Signal Supercut. In the last ten years or so, mobile phones have become far more integrated as plot devices, far less likely to fail at inconvenient moments. Related, what movie plot would have been most easily solved with a simple cell phone?

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