Belief systems

Things from here and there. Could be better edited. Old blog archaeology with Telstar Logistics / the people of Hackney, photographed by Jenny Lewis / England’s 20th Century coastal communities seen from above / does a very fine job of explaining those ‘mysterious’ UFO videos that have been showing up lately (via MeFi) / sort of related, Snopes or Nopes / Akiyoshi Kitosha’s illusion pages / Polar classification scheme sheds light on bold expeditions that never were. How to have a terrible time, officially / the analogue focus edition, on searching for distraction-free writing techniques. All this back and forth with dumb terminals and blocked wifi is usually a welcome excuse from actually getting on with something. Creatives will distract themselves with technology whenever possible / The Loving Dread, a tumblr / a useful NFT definition / the depressing annual Top 10 C20 Society Buildings at Risk List 2021 / risk is distant memory for many of the places visited by Greg Abandoned / Wired up Wrong, a comic by Rachael Smith / Synths and Wood make elegant retro stands for modern audio gear / failed auto start-ups, a small selection / impressive insight into James Turrell’s Roden Crater project / “We See from Where We Stand“, ‘a survey of artworks created in prison is informed by debates about the systemic inequities of the American criminal justice system, from the cops to the courts to the penitentiary cages’ / video game weapons reimagined as Nerf guns / Jonathan Meades, ‘One of the foremost prose stylists of his age…. Visit the Meades Shrine.

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